10 Best Romantic Movies Forever

Hello Friend Film Dynoco and I Now i will discusse about 10 Best Romantic Movies Forever and previously I have made an article about Synopsis of Titanic The Best Romance Film

10 Best Romantic Movies Forever

For those of you who love the best romantic movie , this time we will give you a pretty good movie recommendations for you to watch. But this is not just a romantic movie in 2011 or 2012, but some of the best romantic drama movies of all time. Because some even watched the following movies over and over again but it was not boring.

Here is a list of the best romantic movie in our opinion:

1. Titanic
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, Titanic won many awards. Revolves around the love story of Jack and Rose, two different beings. Jack comes from a poor family, while Rose is a child of the bourgeoisie. But these differences do not make love them both disappear. It's just the love story should end when the cruise ship he was traveling along with thousands of other passengers sank due to hit rocks.

2. Ghost
Ghost movie starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Love story about a married couple who have to be separated by death. The husband who had died had been trapped between the lines of life and death. Her spirit is not calm because they feel they have to protect his beloved wife. Finally, the spirit to a psychic for help to convey the words of love to his wife.

3. Pretty Woman
Pretty Women movie starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Love story that does not consider the status. Between a wealthy businessman named Edward Lewis with a woman named Vivian night. This story begins with the hiring of Edward Vivian disebuah hotel just to be with her and to attend a dinner. Vivian innocent attitude over time make Edward fall in love with him.

4. Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet movie was one of the best romantic drama movies of all time. The love story of two families whose children mutually hostile. Unfortunately, their love ended tragically, when the couple ended his life by suicide.

5. Gone With The Wind
Movie Gone With The Wind is a romantic drama movie which was released around 1939. Classic love story tinged with war.

6. Sleepless in Seattle
Sleepless in Seattle movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Tells the story of Samuel Baldwin had to take care of his son alone, as the widowed wife. The boy who saw his father always grieve for the loss of his mother, tries to confide to one radio. And it turns out, unexpectedly, thousands of women asked for the address and phone number Samuel. One of them is Annie, a journalist who initially tried to cover the story fell into the love story with Samuel.

7. When Harry Met Sally
Movie When Harry met Sally is a romantic comedy filmed Rob Reiner. Tells the story of two people who hate each other initially, but ends with love.

8. P.S. I Love You
Movie PS I Love You, a romantic drama film which won an Oscar. Starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. The story of a woman who grieves due widowed husband. But a letter written by her husband, enabled him to rise again from the late grief.

9. 50 First Dates 
Movie 50 First Date is a romantic drama film which is very nice. Watched too many times does not seem boring. The film is able to make the audience laugh with hilarious action Adam Sandler with Drew Barrymore. Tells the story of Henry, who loves a girl named Lucy who has dementia disease caused by a car accident. Lucy was only able to recall the events 1 day only, because the next day he will forget again, just remember the scene moments before the accident occurred. Henry, who is a playboy, apparently after meeting with lucy was falling in love with him. While we must strive to make Lucy fall in love every day, he never bored and never give up.

10. (500) Days of Summer 
Movie (500) days of Summer starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Starting as just a friend working at the office, over time making Tom likes Summer. Summer wants a relationship but they both just friends fuck alone. And Summer does not want them involved in love relationships. But the day of love Tom the greater of the Summer, which eventually arose the quarrel between the two.

Actually there are many more best romantic movies are worth watching for you, maybe we'll write again next time.
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